About Us

About Us

Our company first started working in human care over 20 years ago. Bringing innovative technologies to antiquated standards of wound healing and skincare. We heard the voices for a need to push forward in optimizing the health of our skin and listened, but what about for the voices we couldn’t hear. We started to look at our most faithful furry friends and how we could transition this technology for the care of them as well.

We, as humans, know what to use for our everyday cuts and bruises yet we can’t say the same for our most loyal companions.

We wanted to create a line of products to be the “go to” brand for trusted and effective products to quickly help your pets; bringing comfort for their most uncomfortable times.

Antibiotic Free Antibiotic Free

Antibiotic Free

Natural Ingredients

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Our Promise

At PurLif, we wanted to innovate your pet’s medicine cabinet with effective formulas created from nature’s own premium ingredients.

Our mission was to create a standard for petcare, that we have for our own human everyday products.

To ensure our pets have the most effective non-antibiotic products to lead a healthier, happier life, we have thoroughly tested on humans. With over 20 years perfecting and creating effective products in the industry, we brought that same level of R&D and care over to formulas for our most faithful companions.

Our Formulas

At PurLif, all our products first start with our patented ingredient: MicroSilver. Our MicroSilver has been scientifically proven to support pets’ skin health and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that causes itch, odor, hot spots, and discomfort.

From there, we hand pick additional ingredients, derived from nature, for our formulas so that they are uniquely tailored to our pets’ specific needs and wants.

Purlif Pillars

What PurLif Pet is built upon

Antibiotic Free Antibiotic Free


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