5 Easy tips for a Happy, Healthy Pet

5 Easy tips for a Happy, Healthy Pet

As a pet parent, you know how much your beloved four-legged friend has enriched your life. From cuddles after a long day at the office to a nice jog through the park together, your pet is there for all aspects of your daily life. Here are some aspects to keep in mind for yourself to ensure that you’re giving them just as much as they are giving you.


Sticking to a routine may not only be beneficial for you, but also for your pet. Keep feeding time and walks to roughly the same time daily to ensure that they can build their expectations around those times and know what times throughout the day they need to keep themselves entertained.


Keeping active helps both you and your pet. This also includes mental exercise as well. An easy DIY toy you can make is with an old toilet roll. Flatten one end and duct tape it shut. Fill the tube with a couple of dog treats or catnip and seal the other end with some more duct tape. Give it to your pet and let them enjoy.

Vet check

Regular checkups with your vet will help keep a record of your pet’s health and catch any abnormalities that may arise. Adding PurLif Pet products in between visits will ensure that they are at their most optimal healthy condition.


Regular grooming not only improves overall appearance and smell of your pet, but it can also help you, as a pet parent, detect any changes to their skin conditions early on. If changes are noticed, a great way to help restore balance back is the PurLif Pet shampoo line. Not only does it help clean their fur, its specifically designed to combat most skin issues to maintain a healthy nourished skin.


Not only does some quality time with your pet help lower your own stress/anxiety levels it also helps your pet create a stronger bond/attachment to you as well as a pet parent. Give them your undivided attention with some praise and pets daily. An easy tip to remember is that both dogs and cats usually like to be touched / lightly scratched around their ears.

These are just general tips to keep in mind as you go through your day as a pet parent. Of course, each pet will have their own individual personality and tastes/likes. Be sure to tailor it to suit your pets needs and wants.

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