5 Common Pet Myths Busted

5 Common Pet Myths Busted

Dogs are colourblind.

Dogs don’t just see the world in black and white but can also see blue and yellow hues. That is because unlike humans, dogs only have 2 colour receptors (cones) in their eyes that can discern those 2 colours. So, the next time you pick up a new toy for your dog, keep that in mind for them.

Cats are nocturnal.

Cats are not nocturnal but crepuscular. That means that they are most active at dawn and dusk when their ancestors would have hunted, aided evolutionarily with eyes that have adapted to low lighting. If you find that your cat is super active at night though, try playing with them just before your bedtime to tire them out as well.

Fight like cats and dogs.

Although we have been bred as children to think cats and dogs are mortal enemies, they are not. The key is to properly socialize and train them when bringing them together. Remember to start out slowly by letting them get used to each other’s smells (maybe through a door) and introduce them gradually. Also keep in mind their own personalities. If your dog is a little more hyper and active, it may lead to an aggravated cat after playing around together for a little too long.

Dogs’ mouths are cleaner than humans.

No. The mouths of both humans and dogs are populated by millions of bacteria, roughly 600 simultaneously, and other microbes.

Cats always land on their feet.

Although cats do have an impressive built in balancing system called a “righting reflex”, that quickly helps them orient themselves when falling, it isn’t always 100%. The height of the fall does play a key for this ability to work properly. Generally, the rule is that the higher the fall, the more time they will have to right themselves.

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